Glitterbox Pursuits presents: Revelry - a queer convergence! Calling all fabulous folx - whether you want to kick up your heels and go on a gender blending bender, take part in pan-sexual parley or have an ace time; this event celebrates and creates space for our LGBTQIA+ whānau.

From 7.30pm till 9.30pm we'll have a relaxed lounge with board games, kōrero and pizza. A perfect place to co-mingle - meet new friends and old and enjoy curated chill tunes.

As the night goes on, the party gets started and homo hi-jinks begin! Blle Fmme, Trainwrek and special guest DJ's will spin tunes from smooth vibes to sweat inducing bangers.

Dress up or down to suit your fabulous self. See you there; it'll be a riot!


Saturday 7 September, 7.30pm - 1am

Tickets $10 pre-sales via Eventbrite

$15 limited door sales

Accessibility info: Space Academy is wheelchair accessible, and has accessible, gender neutral bathrooms. The first part of the event will have lower noise levels, but there is limited space away from noise later on.