Calling all productivity, project management, and admin geeks! Join Jen from Glitterbox Pursuits in a brief informal Notion workshop!

What is Notion? Notion is an all-in-one workspace - kind of like Evernote, Google Docs, Trello, and a whole heap of productivity tools rolled into one! It's a powerful blank page, limited only by your imagination! Use it for notes and documents, a knowledge base and single source of truth, a task and project manager, and a database all in one!

Who's Jen? Jen's one half of Glitterbox Pursuits - she's dealt with admin and project management hell, and now that she's in charge (well, co-charge) of her own business she's all about strong and effective productivity tools!

This will be an introductory workshop, aimed at total Notion newbies and enthusiasts alike! Glitterbox is all about supporting the lil guys, and we reckon Notion's a good option to smooth out your workflows, ensure consistent information, and save money all at the same time. While aimed at non-profits, social enterprises, and small businesses (cos that's what we know) this workshop is open to everyone.

Jen will walk through what Notion exactly is, how it works, and show a couple of examples of how Glitterbox uses Notion (as well as a couple of neat pages from her personal setup too).

Free entry, registration preferred, food provided!

XCHC, 376 Wilsons Rd, CHCH
Tuesday 10th September, 5:30pm
Registration via EventBrite

Accessibility info:

XCHC is wheelchair accessible (entrance is a little steep but they have had no issues so far)

XCHC has accessible and gender neutral bathrooms

There is a quiet space at the front of the cafe for time away if needed

Plenty of seating will be available