As part of Winter Wander, Glitterbox Pursuits presents an installation of Min-Young Her's mu, on display at the Guthrey Centre from 3-11th August.

“Self knowledge requires a semiotic material technology linking meanings to bodies.” – Donna Haraway

Photo by Janneth Gil

mu” explores the intense and restrictive nature of dance, where despite its connotations of freedom and self-expression, the practice of it requires upholding a myriad of rules. These costumes, performances and moving image works address the transitions of Korean traditional dance where major historical events interrupted a ‘natural’ progression of the culture. In many of her works, there is a tension between the longing of reconnection to what is lost and inevitable isolation of the performer. Informed by her past training in ballet and contemporary dance, Her engages with her cultural background, her experiences as an immigrant, and her own progression as a person navigating these tangents.

Photo by Janneth Gil

Min-Young Her is interested in the tensions of human relationships whether it is the efforts of introspection or the endeavours of interaction with others. Her works challenge these moments of discomfort through its explicit and implicit interactivity. By using tactile materials, usually found items, she takes advantage of how they lend themselves to be recognisable yet uncanny and her works invite viewers to engage with these perplexing objects. Her explores ideas of the “collective/community” and the isolation it can cause despite its core values by picking at the elements of loneliness, intimacy, and communication. Ultimately, she is invested in the notion of bringing people closer for better or worse.

Min-Young Her is currently studying towards a BFA with a major in Sculpture and has been exhibiting at the University of Canterbury.

Presented with thanks to Christchurch City Council and Life in Vacant Spaces