We started Glitterbox for several reasons - to be creative catalysts for Christchurch, but also to support ourselves in our artistic endeavors using our collective talents. We're well aware of the importance of community in supporting and sustaining creative practice. Because we want to make as good a go of this as possible, we want to make sure we've got as many channels of support open as we can - and to take you along for the ride!

One of those channels is Patreon - for those who don't know, it's a revival of the Renaissance patronage of old, where people can back creators for a few dollars a month and support what they do.

As every event producer knows, the stress and uncertainty of whether an event will break even is straight up terrible, and it makes it much harder to take risks on the big ideas we really want to deliver. We know that not everyone can make it to every event - this is an opportunity for people that want to support us and what we do to do so in a way that suits them.

In return, you'll get all the good behind the scenes stuff - the trials and tribulations of running events in Ōtautahi - along with a heap of other nifty rewards, including dream interpretations from Madame Tawdry herself, tarot readings from Jen, art advice from the vaunted Agony Art, and even free or discounted tickets to all our events.

We've got some pretty big plans for this year, and we'd love your help in realising them.