As part of Winter Wander, Glitterbox Pursuits presents Glen, a collaborative installation at the Terrace from Fiksate Studio & Gallery, on display from 3-11th August.

Fiksate Studio & Gallery is an urban contemporary gallery space and artists studios located in the center of Christchurch city at 165 Gloucester Street.

The in-house artists range from painters to stencil artists, designers to multi-disciplinary practitioners and writers. Alongside a revolving schedule of solo or group exhibitions, the Fiksate crew do their own art practice, take on commissions and mural installations and collaborate on larger artistic endeavors like Street Art Festivals and large outdoor walls.

Winter Wander will see the Fiksate resident artists come together for a site-specific installation called "Glen". Glen will be a random collection of organic and geometric shapes in bold colours and stripes that will fill their space floor to ceiling, creating a magical, fantastical environment. Inspired by their own work, and by a guy they met called Glen at a music festival, the Fiksate crew are looking forward to bringing the colour to the Terraces for Winter Wander

Presented with thanks to Christchurch City Council, Life in Vacant Spaces, and the Terrace.